Diagnostics & Repairs
15 Oct 2017

Are you worried something is wrong with your vehicle? At TEC41, our highly skilled mechanics can carry out almost any mechanical, electrical or specialist repair on all makes and models of vehicles. We are experienced in all types of repairs, and if you have encountered an issue with your car and bring it to us, we will happily diagnose and repair this for you. We are very flexible and accommodating so we will do our utmost to ensure we can get your it and running again the same day. Call 01473 603932 (Ipswich) or 01842 824834 (Thetford), or fill in our contact form today.



At TEC41, we use up to date Bosch KTS and Snap One diagnostics equipment which is compatible with most vehicles. If a warning light appears intermittently or permanently on your dashboard it is essential that you get it checked to ensure your car is working properly and safe to drive. Our skilled diagnostics team will connect your vehicle to our equipment and carry out a diagnostic check, which will help identify the source and cause of the fault.



TEC41 also offers mobile fleet repairs across Ipswich, Thetford and the surrounding areas. There are no hidden costs, and all prices are highly competitive. We are fully insured and will repair your vehicle as quickly and efficiently to ensure you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

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