Exceptional ServiceOur customer service is second to none in Ipswich.

Consistently Fair PricingAll of our work and is priced fairly and delivered in a timely manner.

High-Quality BrandsWe work with well-known brands like Bosch, Kumho and Falken.

Maintain Your Car With a Reliable Car Service

An annual or bi-annual car service is a good idea, especially if you rarely undertake any kind of maintenance work on your vehicle yourself. Anything from low tyre pressure to worn down windscreen wipers can affect your safety when driving about, after all. Of course, a car service will also help to protect your investment and prevent minor faults from turning into major ones, too. See below some of the things we can help you with!

  • Quick and reliable car engine service
  • Inexpensive car engine repairs
  • Use of top quality oil and new oil filters
  • Proper disposal of old oil
  • Record the engine service in your engine service book.

Good Reasons to Choose TEC 41 For a Car Service

When changing oil it is always best to use brands which are suited to the type of engine concerned to avoid losing the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty coverage. This is why at the TEC 41 – Bosch Car Service workshops, we make exclusive use of quality oil brands satisfying the specifications and requirements of the engine manufacturers, ensuring your car engine service or car engine repair doesn’t effect your car manufacture warranty.

If you turn to TEC 41 for a car service, then you can expect high-quality manufacturers to be chosen for any parts that need to be fitted. Our professionalism is apparent at every stage of the process including our transparent and competitive pricing.

State-of-the-art engine troubleshooting

In view of the ever more complex systems being used in vehicles and the constantly increasing amount of electronic equipment in the engine compartment, our TEC 41 – Bosch Car Service workshops always employ state-of-the-art technology. Only the latest testers and software enable our engine service specialists to quickly localise and professionally rectify any faults.

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