Exceptional ServiceOur customer service is second to none in Ipswich.

Consistently Fair PricingAll of our work and is priced fairly and delivered in a timely manner.

High-Quality BrandsWe work with well-known brands like Bosch, Kumho and Falken.

Book Your Car in For Servicing With TEC 41

Mechanical servicing of all the moving parts of a car will ensure it continues to operate efficiently. Indeed, it can prevent the premature wearing down of certain components so it is in your best interests to have your car serviced regularly. Turn to the experts in servicing at TEC 41 for a fairly priced and honestly conducted service.

  • Professional Car Service
  • For all vehicle models of any age
  • Complete with manufacturer and mobility guarantee
  • Recording of all work in the car service booklet

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Keep Your Car Roadworthy At All Times

At TEC 41 – Bosch Car Service, vehicle servicing is always performed on the basis of the manufacturer’s specifications. Our car service technicians closely scrutinise every component and checks a whole range of safety systems – from the engine to the electronics and the brakes. They will also change your oil and replace the filter, top up any fluids as required and replace defective or worn parts with top quality genuine spares should you require it. This not only maintains the value of your vehicle but also ensures no loss of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

So don’t rely on chance to see you through. Instead, choose a professional car service with TEC 41. We can also check your tyres and replace any that are approaching the end of their lives.

We can offer a Courtesy Car!

If your car’s damaged in an accident, your car insurance can cover you for a courtesy car while it’s repaired. Your car insurance might include courtesy car cover while repairs are being done. Some car insurance policies won’t cover you to drive a courtesy car. When you get your car serviced at TEC 41 – Bosch Car Service, we can provide you with a coutesy car while you’re having your car service.

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