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Enjoy More Reliable Brakes With TEC 41’s Brake Repairs

You need to be able to brake properly to be safe on the road. Along with our top-quality tyre fitting services, you can have your brakes repaired at TEC 41 by professionals. We have the correct diagnostic equipment to do a job that will be second to none. What’s more, our pricing structure is easy to understand, open and honest.

  • Full range of equipment at OE standard
  • Full car brake replacement in Ipswich
  • The latest test equipment for expert brake diagnosis and brake repair

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Why Select Us For Car Brake Repairs?

Every vehicle has any number of wearing parts – in the engine compartment, under the floor or in the passenger compartment. Most of these are subject to natural wear in the course of everyday vehicle operation. This applies to worn brake disks, exhaust system corrosion and also affects the transmission oil. However, because this type of wear is not always immediately apparent, it is a good idea to have your brakes inspected regularly.

At TEC 41, we have a range of equipment that is at OE standard as well as a wealth of experience in repairing brakes on a huge variety of makes and models. Why turn to another mechanic when our team of skilled technicians will be able to conduct such a first-class job?


Braking Systems (ABS, TCS and ESP®)

Most vehicles on the road today could be fitted with some of the braking systems below. Your TEC 41 – Bosch Car Service workshop will know what braking system is fitted to your vehicle and can assist you should you encounter any braking issues.

Antilock braking system (ABS)

If the wheels lock up as a result of hard braking, the vehicle will no longer respond to steering action. ABS technology then automatically reduces the brake pressure so that the individual wheels do not come to a standstill and remain under control.

Traction control system (TCS)

TCS regulates the drive torque to stop the wheels spinning on driving off or accelerating. This guarantees not only stability but also steerability.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)

ESP prevents possible skidding if a vehicle gets out of control, as a result of cornering at high speed for example. It does so by acting on the brake or engine control system to stop uncontrolled swerving.

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